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who is jaya kishori ji

Spiritual practices and bhajan, kirtan, and pravachans are the gateways to divinity, happiness, and prosperity. Providing you with rid of this stress-ridden lifestyle, a single divine pravachan aims at directing you to the right path.

Saint like जया किशोरी has a significant contribution to keeping this legacy alive. The woman, since her childhood, has been binding more and more people with the glory of bhajan kirtan.

But who’s Jaya Kishori Ji? Where has she come from? What exactly she does, her age, education, and network? Who are Jaya Kishori husband and kids? If you are also excited to hear more from the life of this Krishna bhakt, read on.

Here’s a Biography of Jaya Kishori Ji.

Who is Jaya Kishori?

Jaya Kishori is a world-famous saint and a famous devotee of supreme lord Krishna. Her bhajans, for a long, have been telecasted on regional TVs channel in India and around the world.

Full NameJaya Kishori Ji
OccupationSpiritual Orator, Motivational Speaker, Singer
LanguageHindi, English, Braj Bhasa
Date Of Birth13 July 1995
Birth PlaceKolkata, West Bengal, India
Home TownKolkata, West Bengal, India
Marriage StatusUnmarried
Husband NameUnmarried
Education- QualificationGraduated with B.Com
HobbiesSinging, Dancing, Public Speaking, Spiritual Influencer
Net worth1.2 – 2 crore

The Krishna devotee is also renowned for her motivational talks that she explains well through her religious perspective. Her pravachans occupy the glare of Bhagwat Geeta and the sayings of supreme Lord Krishna.

People also call her “Mera of Modern Era” as her lines touch the emotions and serve a deep meaning to the life of humans.

But where has she come from and how old Kishori Ji is now? are still left unanswered. So come along to learn more about her.

Jaya Kishori Date of Birth, Age, and Physical Appearance

Many of her followers might already have been well aware of her age and birth. But still, few facts about this Kishori Ji are yet to be disclosed.

The young saint was born on 13 July 1995 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, and as of July 2022, Jaya Kishori age is 26 years old. According to Scholars, her zodiac sign is cancer.

However, Jaya Kishori’s parents named her ‘Jaya Sharma’ when she was born. But later, her name was changed to what she is popularly known to the world today.

It is believed that her Jaya Followers renamed her after Krishna’s name: Kishor + i = Kishori. Hence, today we know her as जया किशोरी.  

Physical Appearance

  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin: Fair
  • Height: N/A

Jaya Kishori Ji Family Members

jaya kishori ji family photo

Jaya Kishori was born in Gaur Brahmin Family, and apart from herself, she has a beautiful sister as well (named Chetna Sharma).

The Krishna’s devotee father’s name is Shiv Shankar Sharma, and her mother’s name is Sonia Sharma. Since Jaya Kishori family is a pure Brahmin, she herself is a pure vegetarian as well.

It’s no surprise that her work ethic and sacrament have been gifted to her in blessing from her mother and father. Most of her pravachna carry life-changing and eye-opening stories on mother and mother that touches the heart when heard live from her kirtan.

Jaya Kishori Ji Biography & Education

jaya kishori biography

जया किशोरी जी is a well-graduate young girl that transforms into an accidental Krishna bhakt, a motivational speaker, and a spiritual orator soon after finding herself more connected with the spiritual world.

It has been said that she did her schooling at Shri Shikshayatan College and Mahadevi Birla World Academy in Kolkata. Later on, she passes her graduation in B.Com via the open board.

However, while studying the Jaya Kishori Biography, we learned that she owns a degree in Bachelor of Commerce but her love and affections for the spiritual world built up way before she completed her schooling.

When she was just 7 years old young little girl, she sang the first Satsang held in Kolkata on Basant Mahotsav. As Jaya Ji turns 10 years old, her “Sundar Kanda” path grows popular overnight, leading to more-n-more people to start showing interest in her sayings.

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Jaya Kishori Husband, Marriage, and Kids

Jaya Kishori Ji’s marriage was a controversial subject for a long until she herself came ahead to answer. The 26-year-old spiritual singer and orator are unmarried for now.

You might have seen multiple images flashing on social media, floating around the internet around Jaya Kishori’s husband, but they are false statements.

However, whether she will marry someone is yet to be revealed. For now, Jaya Kishori Bhajan and kirtan activities are underway. In an interview with Jaya Kishori Ji, she was asked about her marriage and kids.

The Krishna devotee, in her reply, mentions that when the time comes, she will marry for sure. The world may recognize her as a saint or devotee, but in the end, she’s a normal girl.

She will marry a guy like other girls do, but she will never leave the path of devotion.

Achievements of Jaya Kishori Ji,

achievements of jaya kishori ji

The world is maybe well-known to the जया किशोरी जी, but not all are well versed in her achievements. Throughout her lifetime, or during this journey – from a small girl to a world-renowned singer, speaker, and orator – she wins multiple rewards.

The woman has been honored with “Aadarsh Yuva Adhyatmik Guru Puraskar” and “Jai Hindi Ratna Award.” Apart from that, she also has 2.9 million fans following on Instagram, which is one of its own kind of achievements made by any spiritual orator so far.

जया किशोरी जी also shares a great connection with many big celebrities and politicians nowadays. Jaya Kishori Ji’s Instagram is live, which proves how popular she is and how less you were taught about her to date.

Jaya Kishori Ji’s Net Worth

However, it’s difficult to describe जया किशोरी जी in exact figures until some solid evidence is available ahead. As per sources, her reported net worth is approx 1.5 Cr to 2 crores.

The income she retains primarily comes from her major events, and Katha broadcasts live on TV and social media platforms. Apart from that, Jaya Kishori Ji Bhajan also derives a passive income per month. As each song makes a hit when broadcasted by herself on her youtube channels.

List of Popular Jaya Kishori Ji Ke Bhajan

Jaya Kishori ke bhajan is one of the most searched terms on Google and YouTube. However, some reasons are self-describing why Jaya Kishori bhajan is capturing a huge demand.

The spiritual orator and motivational speaker is popular for her sweet voice, proving her a great singer for sure. Some of the most popular bhajans of Jaya Kishori Ji include:

  1. Meethe Ras Se Bari Re
  2. Aja Man Mohan
  3. Man Makhan Mero
  4. Ni Mai Kamli Hoi
  5. Radhe Krishna Radhe Krishna

Apart from these, Jaya Kishori Ji’s Meri Lagi Shyam Sang Preet song is also one of the most popular ones in the spiritual song niches.

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How Someone Can Book Jaya Kishori Ji?

If you are also a spiritual practitioner, or the biggest fan of Jaya Kishori Ji and want her to perform the Katha and bless you, your family, and your entire town with her pravachanas, you may find it good to hear that you can actually book her.

The popular spiritual orator wants to bestow faith and positivity in the life of people and never disappoints the community who wants to invite her to their homeland. If you also want to content your soul, enlighten your home town with Jaya Kishori arti hanuman ji ki and Krishna bhajans that are ever-popular. Contact her in a few easy steps.

  1. Use the form provided on her website’s contact us page
  2. Enter your First Name and Last Name
  3. Enter your Contact Email Address and Phone
  4. Select any single option between Katha, Motivation Session, or Other
  5. Write a message (optional)
  6. Hit the “SUBMIT” button

Additional contact details that will connect you directly with the spiritual orator and famous public speaker and singer have been shared below. You can schedule the event as per the occasion by interacting with Jaya Kishori’s representatives.

(Please note: due to a busy schedule, you are may be required to take an appointment in advance)

Jaya Kishori ji address, contact details, and social media profiles

After this disclosure of Jaya Kishori biography, you might be interested in personally meeting or understanding this Krishna devotee and saint. So let’s take a quick glimpse of the Jaya Kishori Ji address. After becoming so popular in the spiritual world, where does she live now? How a person can contact her? Mentioned below are the details you are looking for.

Find Her Address and Contact Details

Given below is the official address of जया किशोरी जी where she lives along with her family. However, you aren’t allowed to meet her directly. It is also said that she is not available at her official address all time due to her busy schedule and profession.

Her address: Balaji Ganges Complex 105 D Bidhan Nagar Road, Near Ultadanga Bidhan Nagar Railway Station, Kolkata – 700067

Her Email ID:

Official Website:

Phone Number: N/A

Meet Her on Social Media

जया किशोरी जी is also quite popular on her social media handles. The woman builts a giant followers base on her social media platform and her rising popularity isn’t hidden from us. You can also connect with the world’s famous and youngest spiritual orator on the given social media platforms.

Jaya kishori Facebook:

Jaya Kishori Instagram:

Jaya kishori Twitter:

Jaya Kishori Youtube:

Final Words

Hope you liked this Jaya Kishori biography and learned whatever you want to know about the spiritual orator and motivational speaker. For more updates, don’t forget to subscribe to us.

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