Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Distance, Travel Time & Cost

For devotees of the beloved Khatu Shyamji, the pilgrimage to Rajasthan’s holy temple holds immense spiritual significance. But before embarking on this sacred journey, choosing the right transportation option is crucial. This blog post delves into the distance between Jaipur and Khatu Shyam by car, train, and bus, along with a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Distance

  • Car: The shortest route by car is approximately 79 km, offering flexibility and control over your travel pace. However, traffic conditions can impact your travel time.
  • Train: Currently, there’s no direct train route from Jaipur to Khatu Shyam. However, you can take a train to Sikar or Ringas, followed by a taxi or local transport to reach the temple. This indirect route can cover around 110-120 km.
  • Bus: Similar to trains, there’s no direct bus route. Most buses drop passengers at Ringas (around 10 km from the temple), covering a distance of approximately 90-100 km.

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Travel Time

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Travel Time
  • Car: Without traffic delays, you can expect to reach Khatu Shyam in about 1 hour 15 minutes. However, factor in potential traffic congestion, especially during peak pilgrimage periods.
  • Train: The combined journey time with train travel and onward local transport can vary depending on train availability, connections, and wait times. Expect it to take anywhere between 3-5 hours.
  • Bus: Bus travel time is comparable to trains, ranging from 3-4 hours depending on the route and traffic conditions.

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Travel Cost

  • Car: Varies depending on vehicle type, fuel efficiency, and tolls. Expect to pay ₹400-₹1000 for fuel one way. Fuel costs and potential toll charges need to be considered. Sharing the ride with fellow devotees can split the costs.
  • Train: Tickets range from ₹150-₹400 depending on the class and train type. Special pilgrim trains might be announced during peak season, offering competitive fares.
  • Bus: Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Bus Ticket prices start from ₹83 (non-AC) and go up to ₹599 (AC) depending on operator and amenities. Bus fares also depend on the type of bus (AC or non-AC) and operator. Non-AC buses offer the most affordable option, while AC buses provide added comfort at higher costs.

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Best Option

  • Car: Offers maximum comfort, flexibility, and control over travel time and stops.
  • Train: Comfort levels vary depending on the chosen class. Trains can be crowded during peak season, and indirect routes might involve additional transfers.
  • Bus: Comfort levels depend on the bus type. AC buses offer better comfort, while non-AC buses can be more crowded and basic.

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Car, Train, Bus Comparison

Distance79 km110-120 km90-100 km
Travel Time1 hour 15 minutes (without traffic)3-5 hours3-4 hours
Cost₹1200-₹2000 (Round Trip)₹150-₹400₹83 – ₹300 for non-AC buses
₹181 – ₹599 for AC buses
ComfortMaximum, flexibleVaries by class, potentially crowdedVaries by type, can be crowded
Luggage SpaceMost flexibilityLimitedLimited
Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Distance

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Bus Timetables

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Bus Ticket Booking Online

Jaipur to Khatu Shyam Journey Conclusion

The best option for your Jaipur-Khatu Shyam journey depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider your budget, desired comfort level, travel time, and luggage requirements before making your decision.

Bonus Tip: During peak season, booking your preferred mode of transport in advance is highly recommended. This ensures availability and avoids last-minute hassles.

May your journey to Khatu Shyam be filled with blessings and spiritual fulfillment!