Khatu Shyam Mela 2024: Full Latest Details

The Khatu Shyam Mela 2024, also known as the Falgun Mela Khatu Shyam 2024, is a significant festival celebrated at the Khatu Shyam Temple in Sikar, Rajasthan. This annual festival holds great religious and cultural importance, drawing thousands of devotees from various states in India and abroad. The Khatu Shyam Mela 2024 is scheduled to take place on March 19, March 20, and March 21, 2024.

The Khatu Shyam Falgun Mela 2024, which occurs in the month of Falgun (generally in February or March), is celebrated five days before Holi, the festival of colors. The festival is held in memory of the sacrifice made by Barbareek, the powerful grandson of Bhima, a character from the Indian epic Mahabharata. The temple is noted for its architecture, with paintings based on stories from the Puranas and Epics adorning its walls.

Khatu Shyam Mela 2024

Also known as the Falgun Mela Khatu Shyam 2024, this mela commemorates the birth anniversary of Baba Khatu Shyam Ji, revered as the embodiment of courage, compassion, and justice. Often referred to as “Haare Ka Sahara” (The Support of the Lost), Baba Khatu Shyam Ji holds a special place in the hearts of millions, drawing devotees seeking solace, blessings, and fulfillment of wishes.

Rituals and customs associated with khatu mela 2024

khatu shyam mela 2024

The Khatu Shyam Mela is a vibrant and culturally rich festival that encompasses various rituals and customs. Devotees flock to the Khatu Shyam Temple to worship Krishna in his black form and participate in traditional religious ceremonies. The festival is held in memory of the sacrifice made by Barbareek, the powerful grandson of Bhima, a character from the Indian epic Mahabharata. The rituals and customs associated with the Khatu Shyam Mela include:

  1. Nishan Yatra: This is a holy journey in which devotees carry flags with the image of Khatu Shyam Ji from Ringus to the Khatu Shyam Temple. The Nishan Yatra is a significant part of the festival and draws a large number of devotees.
  2. Special Offerings: Devotees prepare special offerings, known as Baba’s Prasadi, including kheer and churma, which are presented at the temple as a part of the religious rituals.
  3. Festive Celebrations: The fair is marked by zeal, vivacity, and resplendence, with beautifully decorated shops, swings, plays, and sweet tidbits attracting visitors of all ages. Children enjoy pleasure rides, which are also featured at the Khatu Shyamji fair in Rajasthan.
  4. Traditional Practices: Many people come to participate in the tradition of cutting their children’s hair for the first time during the festival.
  5. Nishan Shobha Yatra: This is a pilgrimage in which devotees come to the Khatu Shyam Ji temple carrying the Nishan flags. The yatra is a significant part of the festival and is done from Ringas to Khatu Shyam Ji.

Khatu Shyam Ji Mela 2024 Kab Hai? (When is the Khatu Shyam Ji Mela 2024?)

The much-awaited Khatu Shyam Falgun Mela 2024 date falls from March 12th to March 21st, 2024. The main celebration, however, takes place on March 20th, coinciding with the Falgun Ekadashi. This auspicious day witnesses the grand procession of Baba Khatu Shyam Ji, adorned in regal attire and showered with flowers and offerings by devotees.

Falgun Mela Khatu Shyam 2024: Highlights


The Khatu Shyam Ji Mela is not just a religious event; it’s a vibrant tapestry of cultural immersion, spiritual awakening, and community spirit. Here are some highlights you can expect during the Falgun Mela 2024:

  • Darshan of Baba Khatu Shyam Ji: The main attraction remains the opportunity to seek blessings at the sanctum sanctorum of Baba Khatu Shyam Ji. Witness the mesmerizing aarti ceremony and feel the divine energy envelop you.
  • Grand Procession: Witness the awe-inspiring procession on March 20th, where the idol of Baba Khatu Shyam Ji is carried through the streets, accompanied by music, dance, and exuberant devotion.
  • Cultural Performances: Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan through vibrant folk dances, soulful music, and mesmerizing performances by local artists.
  • Spiritual Discourses: Renowned scholars and spiritual leaders will deliver discourses on various religious and philosophical themes, offering insights and enriching your spiritual journey.
  • Festive Bazaar: Explore the bustling mela bazaar, teeming with colorful stalls offering traditional Rajasthani handicrafts, souvenirs, and delectable local delicacies.

Significance of khatu shyam mela 2024

The festival commemorates the devotion and sacrifices endured by Barbareek – powerful grandson of Bhima, a figure from an Indian epic Mahabharata. The temple is famous for architects design, the wall paintings based on stories from Puranas and Epics adorned these walls. In respect of sacrifice by Barbareek – the grandson was so powerful but Krishna did not want face that to happen, he demanded for his head.

significance of khatu shyam mela 2024

The young warrior readily agreed to it. Blessed by Krishna, Barbareek was told he would in Kali yuga be worshipped as is SriKrishna. The festival is known as a lively and coloured celebration in which worshipers imbibe into different rituals, thereby enjoying the festivities. The preparations of special offerings as Baba’s Prasadi such kheer and churma sale various items also the fair makes a very vibrant atmosphere.

The Khatu Shyam Mela is one of the most sacred pilgrim sites, where different devotees pray to lord Krishna in his other form called ‘Shyam and follow their religious rituals like that. To all these activities is affixed the fervor, vivacity and splendidness of amazingly decorated shops with swings, plays as well as candying delights attracting people notwithstanding mas you are. The revelries encompass jauntiness evenings in the course of which there are joy rides, and children substantially participate denotatively partake to enjoy a range of activities along with entertainment.

The other major aspect of the fair is holy journey named Nishan Yatra happening from Ringus which lie at a distance of 19 km, as well end up after reaching Khatu Shyam Temple.

Planning Your Trip to the Khatu Shyam Mela 2024


To ensure a smooth and enriching experience, here are some crucial tips for planning your trip to the Khatu Shyam Ji Mela 2024:

  • Book your accommodation well in advance: With millions of devotees expected, accommodation fills up quickly. Explore options like hotels, dharamshalas, or homestays to suit your budget and preferences.
  • Plan your travel: Consider train, bus, or car travel depending on your location and budget. Be prepared for potential traffic congestion during peak days.
  • Pack essentials: Carry comfortable clothing, appropriate footwear, sunscreen, a hat, and essentials like medicines and toiletries.
  • Respect local customs: Dress modestly, be mindful of cultural norms, and maintain decorum within the temple premises.
  • Embrace the experience: Let go of expectations and embrace the spirit of the mela. Be open to new experiences, connect with fellow devotees, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere.

How To Reach Khatu Shyam from Jaipur

  1. By Train and Taxi: Take a train to Ringas Jn from Jaipur and then a taxi to Khatu Shyam Temple. There is no direct train connection, so you will need to make this transfer.
  2. By Road: The best route by road is via Sawai Jai Singh Hwy to Jaipur Roadd/Sikar Road to Agra – Bikaner Road (also known as NH11), which will take you to MDR46. The distance is approximately 80.7 kilometers and can be traveled in about 1 hour and 46 minutes by car. Taxi services are also available for this route.
  3. By Bus and Taxi: Alternatively, you can take a bus to Kalwar from Jaipur and then a taxi to Khatu Shyam.

Khatu Shyam Temple is located in Khatoo Village, near Sikar City, in the Sikar district of the Indian State of Rajasthan. It is a pilgrimage site for worshipping the deity Krishna and Barbarika, and it is a place of immense religious importance. The temple has specific timings for visitors, and there are also charity lodges available for a comfortable stay.

Accommodation options near Khatu Shyam Temple

Accommodation options near Khatu Shyam Temple

Some of the popular options include:

  1. Radhey ki Haveli: This is a luxury traditional haveli hotel located near the temple. It offers comfortable rooms and modern amenities.
  2. Karnavati Bhawan Dharamshala: This is a dharamshala located near Ringas railway station, which is about 5 km from Khatu Shyam Temple. It offers basic accommodation facilities at an affordable price.
  3. Shree Shyam Sewa Mandal: This is a guest house located near the temple. It offers clean and comfortable rooms with basic amenities.
  4. Sukhdham Bhawan: This is a guest house located near the temple. It offers rooms with air conditioning and meals.
  5. Khatu New Shyam Kripa Karni Guest House: This is a guest house located near the Khatu Roadways Bus Stand. It offers rooms with air conditioning and meals.

These are just a few of the many accommodation options available near Khatu Shyam Temple. Visitors can choose from a range of options based on their budget and preferences. It is advisable to book accommodation in advance, especially during the festival season, to avoid any inconvenience.

Khatu Shyam Ji Mela 2024 Planning

Falgun Mela 2024 Summary

The Khatu Shyam Mela is a festival deeply rooted in Indian history and culture, and it continues to be celebrated with great fervor and devotion. The upcoming festival is anticipated to be a vibrant and spiritually enriching experience for all the devotees and visitors who will be in attendance.